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FLY: Financially Literate Youth is the perfect handbook for every young person who wants to be armed with the financial knowledge and confidence to set themselves up for success as they chart the course of their life. Whether they are contemplating leaving the nest or are already beginning to spread their wings, this convenient and credible resource will have them prepared for all of life’s milestones, as well as those times when things get rocky or uncertain. And what an uncertain world they’re flying into – but with the right guidance they’ll be prepared to overcome any obstacle and seize every opportunity… read more

A financial literacy reference guide like no other, driven from a place of making a difference…

Having journeyed through the highs and lows, with backgrounds in law, finance, business, health, property and, most proudly of all, parenthood, Jai and Marlies gained a passion to help educate and inspire future generations to soar into life after school. They hope this handbook will help guide young people to make informed financial decisions and protect them, where possible, from learning things the hard way and enduring unnecessary financial pain… read more

Marlies Hobbs

Jai Hobbs


The importance of financial literacy is never understated but always overlooked. Financial illiteracy is prevalent both in the youth and people well into their adulthood, but Jai and Marlies have ensured that taking the time out of your day to go and do your financial study is achievable and reasonable. Their handbook is comprehensive but understandable, fun but realistic, and of course driven from a place of making a difference. You don't know what you don't know. Pick it up and have a read. You won't be wasting your time.

Faith Roche, year 12 student and College Captain St Andrews Anglican College

Wow! I just finished reading and I think this book will FLY!!! This is something everyone can benefit from, whether they are 16 or 46! This textbook literally covers everything, step by step. It covers all the topics that I never learned at school, but wish I had. I know my year 11 and 12 business teacher would have loved to have had a resource like this one to help us with our studies. I absolutely love the ending of the book and the sense of peace and encouragement it brings. After some overwhelming information, once I got to the end and read all the tips I started to feel more confident, grounded and excited for my future!

Rylee Duncan - 18 yo, 2019 highschool grad

The Financially Literate Youth (FLY) concept is something that state and federal educators should take note of. This compilation and repository of information was not and is not around in this succinct form for our future generation. It is an easy read, with invaluable reference material and links. There are go to books in life that seem to stand the test of time irrespective of our technology and education levels - this is one of them. Youth can’t go wrong in reading FLY, re-reading FLY and applying in their lives.

Paul Mulder – Founder & Managing Director Mayur Resources

Sometimes the immediate shadows the important, and matters of practical significance escape the necessary eye. Financially Literate Youth is for anyone seeking to know and do more on the priorities and necessary actions tied to financial literacy. A comprehensive, accessible and invaluable resource for young people, and the not so young, entering and engaged with the world of life and living well.

Dr Bill Sultmann AM – Executive leader and educator

While finance / tax / superannuation / etc are not the most exciting topics for most people, financial literacy is an important and essential life skill. If the government is going to spend the money you pay as taxes that you earned from your job or business then why wouldn’t you want to know more about that financial system? This book is able to explain that financial system, which is detailed but easy to read at the same time. The contents of this book should be a compulsory subject for all school students – it is that important. This book is a financial guide for the transition from school into the big wide world.

Christopher Nicoll CA, Small Business Tax Accountant

Thank you for the pleasure of being able to read your wonderful book. I can’t wait to buy some, when printed, for my Year 12 graduating students and my daughter Ella. I would love to see this book as the textbook for a compulsory year 12 subject in all Australian schools. It has the potential to shape a bright financial future for young Australians. I think you are on a winner with this one.

Kara Brennan - high school teacher 20+ years, mother

: I have had a look through the handbook and had a student give me some feedback today. It is very comprehensive and the language is easy to understand. Students would most certainly benefit from having a handbook to take with them into early adulthood and there is general interest in financial literacy topics during schooling on topics students feel are relevant to them, particularly during that transition from school to post-schooling options and around year 9/10 into their first jobs. All the best with your publication – a great offering for young people.

Natasha Purcell, Career Counsellor, Good Shepherd Lutheran College

What an absolutely fantastic resource!! This text is full of extremely important information. It also contains fantastic examples which are so relevant for young people and their lives ahead. A wonderful balance of information, examples and encouragement to explore, so that anyone picking this up can read and apply, over and over and over again.

Tanya Rataj - Bachelor of Business, Masters of Teaching, former high school teacher, business owner, mother

As a mother of a teenage boy I found this book invaluable, not only for answering so many of the questions my son has asked me but for teaching me a thing or two also! This is a book I know we will go back and refer to when my son gets his first job, buys his first car, saves for his first property. It is also a book I plan to buy for my nieces and nephews, as what better gift than financial literacy!

Aleks Brooks - small business owner, mother

Well done - this is definitely something I would have loved when leaving school!

Tiffany Johnson, Publishing Production Manager, Author, Commercial Director

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